Sohgenia palauensis  Hamatani, 1991

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Sohgenia palauensis is characterized by its translucent greenish colour. It has bulbous cerata with white patches and minute red/brown/black spots. Other members of the former family Caliphyllidae  Tiberi, 1881, which is now placed within the family Hermaeidae  H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854, have flattened leaf-like cerata. It differs from species of Cyerce  Bergh, 1871 by the absence of oral tentacles. The rhinophores bifurcate into two arms right near the base.
It was described by Hamatani from Palau, an almost cerataless specimen, see the drawing at the sea slug forum. It drops off many of its cerata when disturbed (autotomise), Atsushi Ono writes at the forum:"I collected a specimen of this individual. All the big cerata came off which made it look very similar to Hamatani's painting".
There are pictures of this species online from the type localty Palau, from SW India, from Japan, from the Philippines, from the Marshall Islands, from Tanzania, and from Bali, Indonesia.
More information on Sohgenia palauensis are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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