Plakobranchus sp. 01  Genus: van Hasselt, 1824

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Plakobranchus sp. 01 is characterized by a mottled tan-green colour, with minute black spots, with areas with orange/tan pigment, and with areas with opaque white pigment. At the posterior end of the foot are some minute opaque white spots. The rhinophores are translucent grey-green with whitish and black speckling, in the specimen # 1 are the tips diffuse tan.
The sacoglossan expert Cynthia D. Trowbridge wrote on this picture (pers.comment):
"It looks like an odd shot of one of the many Plakobranchus species (we just split P. ocellatus into many, many species and are working on the re-descriptions)."
I wait until this research will be published and keep it for now as Plakobranchus sp. 01!
The pictures #2 and #3 were posted on 4 October 2012 as Plakobranchidae sp. 02  Family: J.E. Gray, 1840, with this comment on the rhinophores:"I can see only the left rhinophore, which seems to be rather small, the right rhinophore is either lacking or invisibe because of the angle of the picture. The second picture is cropped from the original and shows the head region with the almost invisible rhinophores."
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