Plakobranchus ocellatus  van Hasselt, 1824

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Plakobranchus ocellatus is thought to be highly variable, several authors posted messages that there are many species (up to 40) lumped under this name. Almost all specimens have ocellae on the dorsal surface and on the parapodia. The rhinophores are white with bluish-purple tips. It is well-camouflaged, often half buried in the coral sand, here are 3 specimens. This shot shows two specimens mating and this one a colour variant with dark blue rhinophores.
I read somewhere long ago a comment, if I remember correct of Cynthia D. Trowbridge, that up to 18 species are lumped under the
name Plakobranchus ocellatus  van Hasselt, 1824. One of them has recently been described: Plakobranchus papua  Meyers-Muñoz & van der Velde, 2016, I moved some similar looking specimens to Plakobranchus cf. papua  Meyers-Muñoz & van der Velde, 2016.
Plakobranchus ocellatus is one of what Bill Rudman calls "Solar-powered Sea Slugs".
More information on Plakobranchus ocellatus are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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