Limapontiidae sp. 03  Family: J.E. Gray, 1847

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The sacoglossa expert Dr. Kathe Jensen writes on the above pictures (pers. comment): "It looks mostly like an Ercolania, but I cannot be sure without seeing radular teeth." Dr. Richard C. Willan writes (pers. comment): "My guess for a genus would be Stiliger".
That is the reason why I use the family and label it Limapontiidae sp. 03  Family: J.E. Gray, 1847, #02 is occupied by Limapontiidae sp. 02.
This species is characterized by its translucent opaque white colour, with a yellowish/orange patch on the head and yellowish/orange pigment on the longitudinal midline, merging on the 'tail' into greenish. The translucent cerata are almost completely filled with the orange digestive glands, have minute white spots and a blueish outer region merging into black tips. The rhinophores are opaque white with dark green/black branches of the digestive gland.
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