Hermaea sp. 04  Genus: Lovén, 1844

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Hermaea sp. 04 is characterized by its opaque orange digestive glands with a sort of zigzag shape in the swollen translucent cerata. The translucent rhinophores are distinctive: relatively short, with a subapical swelling and an elongate tip. This 3 mm specimen is probably a juvenile.
It was originally misidentified and posted at these websites as Eubranchus sp. 08  Genus: Forbes, 1838, with my comment: "I identified it as a species of Eubranchus because of the swollen cerata and because of the branched digestive glands, only a guess!"
Gordon Tillen sent a picture of it showing the head on 17 July 2011, now I was sure that it is not an aeolid, but a sacoglossan.
I am sure that it should be placed in the superfamily Limapontioidea, family Hermaeidae Adams, H. & A., 1854
let me quote IPN:
"Hermaeids are characterized by having the anterior edge of the foot rounded or with two oral lobes projecting laterally above the mouth. The cerata vary from elongate to fusiform, sometimes irregularly, with visible branches of the digestive gland. Members of this family feed on a large range of green and red algae."
The family Hermaeidae Adams, H. & A., 1854 has according to WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species 2 accepted genera:
- Aplysiopsis Deshayes, 1853 and
- Hermaea Lovén, 1844
I place it in the genus Hermaea Lovén, 1844 because all pictures of Aplysiopsis Deshayes, 1853 in my files and at the internet look different.
On 5 August 2011 I realized that Hermaea sp. 04 had been on 21 December 2009 the Opisthobranch of the Week at Mike Miller's Slug Site,
and it is as Hermaea sp. 4 ind Gosliner et al. (2015) page 82.
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