Elysia sp. 28  Genus: Risso, 1818

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The sacoglossan Elysia sp. 28 is not yet identified or still undescribed, I call it Elysia sp. 28 to distinguish it from other species of Elysia, until I know its name.
Elysia sp. 28 is characterized by its bright green background colour, with small black spots all over, and with small whitish papillae on body, rhinophores, and parapodia. Distinctive is the pale pinkish margin of the papapodia, with a black rim on both sides. The rhinophores are basally of the same colour as the body, the outer half is diffuse black.
This species is possibly a 'non spiky' form of Elysia expansa (O'Donoghue, 1924) [Placobranchus], it differs also by the colour of the rhinophores.
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