Elysia sp. 06  Genus: Risso, 1818

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Elysia sp. 06 is not yet identified or undescribed, I call it Elysia sp. 06 until I know its name.
Here is the comment on the above specimen by the sacoglossan expert Kathe Rose Jensen:
"It looks very much like a species found in the Mediterranean, Elysia gordanae, described by T.E. Thompson, I think in 1988. But I can't think how it could have arrived in the Philippines - though small species do travel around on seaweeds attached to ships' hulls. However, I think this would be very unlikely considering the depth you collected it - and presumably well away from main shipping routes and ports."
Elysia gordanae was described by Thompson & Jaklin in 1988.
Maybe it is a variant of Elysia pusilla.
It was posted on 24 June 2011 at these websites as Elysia sp. F  Genus: Risso, 1818,and changed on 22 July 2011
into Elysia sp. 06  Genus: Risso, 1818.
For some genera, such as Trinchesia is the alphabet almost through. I had to change the distinguishing alphabetic character into a number. I have chosen 2-digit numbers, even though '01' looks a little bit stupid, and now is only the genus italic written.
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