Costasiella sp. 04  Genus: Pruvot-Fol, 1951

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Costasiella sp. 04 is characterized by an orange body with minute dark gray/black spots.The cerata are basally orange with minute gray/black spots, then orange, then black, then broad bright blue, then orange, the apices are blue. The head is orange with two longitudinal blue patches (blue, orange, and blue). The rhinophores are black with an orange stripe.
Very similar is Stiliger ornatus  Ehrenberg, 1828, which differs by the eye spots. In Costasiella sp. 04 are the eye spots close together between the rhinophores, like in all species of Costasiella or in Stiliger sp. 01  Genus: Ehrenberg, 1831 (which the sacoglossa expert Kathe R. Jensen still considers to be also a species of Costasiella). In Stiliger ornatus  Ehrenberg, 1828 are the eyes spots behind or lateral of the rhinophores. This species differs also by the colour of the cerata, and by the colour of the patch on the head.
This species was misidentified and posted on 14 February 2012 and later as Stiliger ornatus  Ehrenberg, 1828, I changed it on 15 June 2018
into Stiliger sp. 04  Genus: Ehrenberg, 1831, I kept the genus Stiliger  Ehrenberg, 1831, though I guessed it is a distinct genus.
I changed it on 18 June 2018 into Costasiella sp. 04  Genus: Pruvot-Fol, 1951 because the sacoglossa expert Kathe R. Jensen writes (pers. comment):
"I would not hesitate to consider it a Costasiella sp. Besides the eyes, it also looks like it has been photographed on the alga Avrainvillea, which is the food of most Costasiella species."
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available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Sacoglossa/Costasiella_sp_04.htm


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