Costasiella kuroshimae  Ichikawa, 1993

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Costasiella kuroshimaeis according to Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum characterized by a white head with a thin brownish-yellow median line from the eyes to the front of the head, by a second brownish-yellow patch from the rhinophores back towards the pericardium, and by whitish rhinophores with black apices. The cerata of Costasiella kuroshimae were described by Ichikawa as 'generally green with white tips', at the Sea-Slug Forum are some specimens with orange subapical rings on the cerata, and iridescent dots scattered over the green parts of the cerata. In the above specimen are the rhinophores basally translucent, then white with black apices.
Pretty similar are
Costasiella sp. 03 which differs by a diffuse orange patch anterior the eye spots,
Costasiella cf. kuroshimae, which differs by the colour of the head, white in Costasiella kuroshimae, by the broad brownish band on the head, in Costasiella kuroshimae a thin line, and by the rhinophores: lower half white and the upper half black.
In IPN are pictures of two different species as Costasiella kuroshimae, the left one is my Costasiella cf. kuroshimae, the upper right one might be Costasiella kuroshimae, its rhinophores are white with a black tip.
More information on Costasiella kuroshimae are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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