Thorunna cf. purpuropedis  Rudman & S. Johnson, 1985

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cf. is an abbreviation from a Latin word (confer) and means 'refer to' or 'compare with', here it means it could possibly be Thorunna purpuropedis or perhaps something closely related, or at least similar in appearance.
Thorunna purpuropedis is characterized by its purplish-white mantle with a broad orange band at the mantle margin. On the inside edge of the orange band is a thin red line. The rhinophores and the gills are orange-red. The foot is pale purple, deepening posteriorly and on the oral tentacles.
The above specimen was labelled by Dr. Alicia Hermosillo 'Thorunna not purpuropedia', I can't tell how they differ from Thorunna purpuropedis, maybe by the posterior end of the foot, which seems to have an orange tip.
Thorunna purpuropedis is only known from the Marshall Islands, and of some doubtful specimens from Japan.
This species was posted on 7 August 2011 at these websites as Thorunna cf. purpuropedis  Rudman & Johnson, 1985.
It is a convention in malacology to use the first initials of authors with the same family name to distinguish between them,
that is R.F. Johnson for Rebecca Fay Johnson and S. Johnson for Scott Johnson. I changed the authorship on 10 May 2016.
More information on Thorunna purpuropedis are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Doridina/Thorunna_purpuropedis_cf.htm


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