Thordisa albomacula  Chan & Gosliner, 2007

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Thordisa albomacula is characterized by its reddish-brown body colour with white spots and elongate translucent papillae. IPN writes:"The most distinctive feature is a linear patch of opaque white pigment situated immediately anterior to the gill."
Let me quote Chan & Gosliner (2007): "External morphology: The body is round in shape and ranges in length from 6 to 25 mm. The rhinophores are lamellate and have 12 lamellae each. The notum bears short filamentous papillae dispersed throughout the dorsum. The gill is completely retractile and is surrounded by an even sheath. The six gill leaves are tripinnate and do not extend beyond the edge of the notum. The anterior margin of the foot is bilabiate and notched. The oral tentacles are digitiform and do not extend beyond the margin of the foot. Labial pits are absent. The ground color of the notum can range from reddish brown, dark brown to a mottled gray. Some specimens have small white spots on the notum. The foot color of the live animal is not known, but the preserved specimens have an even color through out the body. The papillae, gill, and rhinophores are a contrasting tan to white color. There is a large white spot in the center of notum that extends from the anterior of the gill pouch toward the midsection."
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