Thecacera sp. 04  Genus: Fleming, 1828

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Thecacera sp. 04 is characterized by its clear body, covered all over with orange spots, including the rhinophores, the oral tentacles, the extrabranchial and extrarhinophoral processes. The lamellae of the rhinophore clubs are edged in white, the apices are orange. There is a white spot on the tip of each extrabranchial process.
This shot shows 2 specimens mating and most likely their egg masses.
To my knowledge are the above pictures the only ones of this species, it is not in IPN nor in Gosliner et al. (2015),
a similar species from PNG was the Opithobranch of the week at Mike Miller's Slug Site, it differs by orange edged rhinophores,
another similar species from Mabul-Sipidan, Malaysia was also the Opithobranch of the week at Mike Miller's Slug Site, it differs by additional black spots, by red tips of the rhinophores, and by read subapical rings on the extrabranchial processes.
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