Tambja victoriae  Pola, Cervera & Gosliner 2005

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Tambja victoriae has a bright blue background colour with a pattern of longitudinal yellow or yellow-orange lines each outlined with a thin black line. There is a yellow line around the anterior border of the mantle which runs down each side of the body to just behind the gills where it joins in the dorsal midline and runs as a single line some way down the posterior part of the foot. There is a large ovate milky blue-green patch between the rhinophores which continues back to the gills as a thinner yellow line, bordered as usual with black, where it merges with an elongate patch of milky blue-green. The gills sit in the centre of this elongate patch. There are three large, sparsely branched translucent greenish gills. The outer face, or rachis, of the gills is a milky blue-green at the base and yellow above. In both the blue and yellow regions the rachis is outlined with black. The rhinophore clubs are dark blue-black, the raised rhinophore sheaths are dark blue-black with a bright yellow band at the edge.
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