Tambja gabrielae  Pola, Cervera & Gosliner 2005

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Tambja gabrielae is black or dark green with bright yellow patches scattered on green ground. The body is elongate with a long pointed posterior end of the foot. There is a wide bright yellow band around the edge of the notum which extends to the posterior part of the gills. Another band of same colour runs on both flanks of the body interrupted posteriorly, but continues along back of the tail to its end; this band also covers the oral tentacles. Another wide bright yellow band runs along the edge of the foot. There are two large yellow patches, one between the rhinophores, and the other located behind former and the gills. Yellow patches on posterior part have an irregular arrangement. The rhinophores and the oral tentacles are bright yellow.
The specimen of picture #7 must have been attacked, it lacks parts of the head, gills, and of the 'tail'.
This species was posted on 31 July 2003 at these websites as Tambja sp. A  Genus: Burn, 1962, and changed on 1 June 2006
into Tambja gabrielae  Pola, Cervera & Gosliner 2005
Pretty similar is Tambja olivaria  Yonow, 1994, which differs by dark green/black rhinophores.
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