Phyllidia ocellata  Cuvier, 1804

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Phyllidia ocellata is very variable in colour, but usually the ground colour of the mantle is yellow-orange. It has four to ten black rings bordered in white, each with a central gold or bluish-white tubercle. This is a 6 mm juvenile specimen.
Pretty similar are:
Phyllidia babai which has a creamish-white to pale yellow mantle, covered with white spots all over the mantle, with black rings with a conical tubercle which is white, sometimes yellow tipped.
Phyllidia exquisita which has a pale bluish granular background colour, black swirls, not rings, and yellowish-orange pigment at the mantle margin
Phyllidia willani which has a pale granular background coloration and the two longitudinal black swirls, not rings, and
Phyllidia sp. 01 which has a pale yellowish-orange background colour, and lacks the black rings
Bill Rudman thinks Phyllidia babai, Phyllidia exquisita, and Phyllidia willani to be variants of Phyllidia ocellata.
More information on Phyllidia ocellata are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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