Paradoris erythraeensis (Vayssière, 1912) [Discodoris]

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Information on the anatomy of Paradoris erythraeensis and a revised taxonomy can be found in Dayrat (2006) who translated parts of Vayssière's description: "The live animal was ‘light grey with some rare small black dots also present on the ventral surface’.The dorsal notum was described as ‘very finely granulated’. It bears small, low, conical, P. indecora-like tubercles of various sizes."
Dayrat (2010) writes that it is possible that there are several species under the name P. erythraeensis.
The Sea-Slug Forum has a picture of a specimen from Eilat, Israel, Read Sea which has brown rhinophore clubs, whilst Medslugs has a picture from Saint John's Reef, Egypt, which has translucent tan rhinophores, just like the 3 pictures in Dayrat (2006), and like the picture in IPN page 166. Let me quote the IPN description:
"This species differs from other Indo-Pacific Paradoris in having a yellowish to white body with a few black spots scattered over the dorsal surface and with opaque white markings on elevated tubercles."
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More information on Paradoris erythraeensis are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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