Otinodoris sp. 02  Genus: White, 1948

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This is an undescribed species of the genus Otinodoris. I call it Otinodoris sp. 02, to distinguish it from other species of Otinodoris.
This species was identified by D. Richard C. Willan, let me quote:"A very attractive dorid, and rather large I would guess. The delicate papillae (the larger ones compound) arising from the apices of low pustules indicates it must belong to the genus Otinodoris. It doesn't look like any of the 7 spp. of Otinodoris shown by Gosliner et al. (2015: 182-183), and it must be an undescribed species."
The same day Gordon Tillen sent the data on size and depth (4", 55') and confirmed its large size of ~10 cm.
The above picture is to my knowledge the only one of this species, it is not in IPN, nor Gosliner et al. (2015) nor at the internet.
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