Nembrotha livingstonei  Allan, 1933

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Nembrotha livingstonei is dark reddish brown to dark green or black with orange, reddish brown, green and white spots. It has a characteristic white cross-like mark between the red rhinophores, and a large white patch at the base of the gills.
Let me quote Allan (1933):
"The general colour of the animal is dark cocoa-brown, with small irregular sized rich indian red spots scattered over the sides and dorsal surface. These appear smaller in size, though not less numerous, near the branchial area and towards the central dorsal area. The rhinophores are white at their base, with electric blue tips, and are situated on the sides of a conspicuous star-shaped patch of pale yellow, a portion of which extends down to the anterior frontal margin. The branchiae are cream on the inner side, and on the outer side brown. Their bases are electric blue. The large area on which they are placed is yellow like that round the rhinophores, but it has an electric blue border surrounding it. The foot is a dirty white."
Allan (1933) did not mention the colour of the rhinophore clubs.
The only pictures at the internet which fit this description somehow are "B" at Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum, from Komodo, Indonesia, from the Similan Islands, Thailand, and from Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
Note added on 24 July 2020: the Website NUDIPIXEL is down, the pictures from Indonesia and from Thailand are gone.
The description in Gosliner et al. (2015) page 125 is of their misidentified specimen, not of Nembrotha livingstonei  Allan, 1933,
the real N. livingstonei is in Gosliner et al. (2015) as Nembrotha sp. 3, page 124.
This species is either very variable or all above specimens are undescribed Nembrotha sp., though many of these 'colour forms' were as "ID confirmed" by Marta Pola at NUDIPIXEL.
Note added on 24 July 2020: the Website NUDIPIXEL is down, the pictures are gone.
This picture shows Nembrotha livingstonei and Nembrotha kubaryana mating.
This picture was posted on 4 July 2003 at these websites as Nembrotha sp. C  Genus: Bergh, 1877.
Pretty similar are:
Nembrotha cf. yonowae
which has a white patch at the base of each rhinophore pocket and
Nembrotha kubaryana which has no white marking between the rhinophores.
Nembrotha sp. 09 which is possibly the juvenile colour form.
Allan, Joyce K., 1933. Opisthobranchs from Australia.
Records of the Australian Museum 18(9): 443-450, plate lvi. [10 January 1933]
pdf online at https://australianmuseum.net.au/uploads/journals/14692/747_complete.pdf
Gosliner, T.M, D.W. Behrens & Á.Valdés. 2015. Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification Indo-Pacific.
New World Publications Inc. Jacksonville, FL. 408 pp.
More information on Nembrotha livingstonei are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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