‘Montereina’ rubra (Bergh, 1905) [Discodoris]

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'Montereina' rubra has very distinctive colour-pattern: many small dark red spots in whitish rings on a mottled pinkish/rose-reddish mantle ground. The rhinophores are redbrown, the gills are pale redbrown with whitish lines.
The above specimen was identified by Dr. Juan Lucas Cervera Currado, thanks!
This species was posted on 22 October 2004 at these websites as Peltodoris rubra (Bergh, 1905) [Discodoris], Dayrat (2010) moved it
to the provisional genus ‘Montereina’  MacFarland, 1905.
Dayrat, B. 2010. A Monographic Revision of Basal Discodorid Sea Slugs (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Nudibranchia: Doridina).
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 61, suppl I: 1-403.
More information on 'Montereina' rubra as Peltodoris rubra are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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