Martadoris sp. 01  Genus: Willan & Chang, 2017

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Martadoris sp. 01 is characterized by its brownish/orange colour and by large whitish rounded tubercles, which have diffuse pinkish/violett tips and a yellowish ring at the bases. The rhinophores are orange and the gills are translucent whitish with orange on the outer face.
Pictures of this species had been first posted on 14 February 2011 by Robert F. Bolland at his Okinawa Slug Site as Gymnodoris sp. 6, then 2 times as Opisthobranch of the Week at Mike Miller's Slug Site as Tambja sp. from Milne Bay, PNG, Week 856 on 23 December 2013, and Week 1082
on 14 January 2019.
This species has no pre-rhinophoral sensory organ ('Tambja organ'), which is according to Willan & Chang (2017) the distictive feature of the genus Tambja  Burn, 1962. They erected for those former Tambja species without 'Tambja organ' the new genus Martadoris  Willan & Chang, 2017.
Willan R.C. & Chang Y.-W. [Yen-Wei]. (2017). Description of three new species of Tambja (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, Polyceridae) from the western Pacific Ocean reveals morphological characters with taxonomic and phylogenetic significance for traditional Polyceridae and related 'phaneorobranch' nudibranchs.
Basteria. 81(1-3): 1-23.
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