Martadoris amakusana (Baba, 1987) [Tambja]

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Martadoris amakusana is very variable in its background colour: it ranges from red, to green, and to dark brown. There are often lighter spots and lines. Distinctive are the bluish tips of the rhinophores and of the gills.
More information on Martadoris amakusana as Tambja amakusana are on Robert F. Bolland's OKINAWAN OPISTHOBRANCH OF THE WEEK!
There are many pictures of this species from Japan online at http://www.umiushi-zukan.com and at http://www.umiushi.info.
This species was posted on 5 August 2011 at these websites as Tambja amakusana  Baba, 1987,
Willan & Chang (2017) moved it into into the new genus Martadoris  Willan & Chang, 2017.
Willan R.C. & Chang Y.-W. [Yen-Wei]. (2017). Description of three new species of Tambja (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, Polyceridae) from the western Pacific Ocean reveals morphological characters with taxonomic and phylogenetic significance for traditional Polyceridae and related 'phaneorobranch' nudibranchs.
Basteria. 81(1-3): 1-23.
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