Kaloplocamus sp. 04  Genus: Bergh, 1892

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Kaloplocamus sp. 04 is characterized by a translucent foot and a translucent whitish mantle with an orange patch. It has a row of large appendages at the edge of the mantle, which are translucent whitish with a brownish tinge, there are unbranched secondary papillae at the outer half. The gills and the rhinophores translucent whitish with a brownish tinge.
Pretty similar is Kaloplocamus ramosus (Cantraine, 1835) [Doris], which has the same body colour, but differs by relatively short lateral and velar appendages.
The above specimen is obviously very small, it might be the same species as Kaloplocamus sp. 02, I keep it distinct.
Let me quote IPN, page 106: "This widespread species needs further study to determine whether it is a single species or a complex of several distinct ones."
Gosliner, Terrence M., David W. Behrens & Ángel Valdés. 2008. Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. Sea Challengers Natural History Books.
Gig Harbor, Washington. 426 pp.
There were pictures of similar specimens at NUDIPIXEL from Flores, Indonesia, and from Puerto Galera, Philippines. The website NUDIPIXEL is down, the pictures are gone.
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