Kaloplocamus peludo  VallÚs & Gosliner, 2006

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Kaloplocamus peludo is characterized by its hairy 'fuzzy' appearance, the background colour is translucent orange covered with brown dots. Let me quote VallÚs & Gosliner (2006):"The dorsum has an opaque white, irregularly shaped line, which runs from the front of the head to the posterior end of the notum. This line bifurcates at the level of the branchial leaves, where it surrounds them and remerges again behind the branchial leaves."
There are three pairs of lateral appendages along the margin of the sides, each of them has a ramified apex. "Each ramification of the apex has a rounded base and a long, thin and sharp prolongation. The whole length of each of these appendages is covered by little and acute ramifications."
There is a second type of lateral appendages: thin, long with many small sharp ramifications, and with an unbranched terminal filament. "These appendages are present on the sides of the body, foot, dorsum and oral veil in number 15-17 per side with 6 on the oral veil." The filaments give the body and the appendages a hairy appearance which gives the species its name [peludo = hairy in Spanish].
Kaloplocamus peludo is externally very similar to Kaloplocamus maru , which has many fewer tubercles with thin and long ramifications all over the body. Anatomical differences (radula and prostate) clearly separate them.
VallÚs, Yvonne & Gosliner, Terrence. 2006. Shedding Light onto the Genera (Mollusca: Nudibranchia) Kaloplocamus and Plocamopherus with Description of New Species Belonging to These Unique Bioluminescent Dorids. The Veliger 48(3):178-205.
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