Kaloplocamus maru  VallÚs & Gosliner, 2006

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Kaloplocamus maru is characterized by its hairy 'fuzzy' appearance, the background colour is orange/brownish covered with darker brown spots. Let me quote VallÚs & Gosliner (2006):"The living animal has a general orange color (Figure 1E). The whole dorsum has brown dots except the tips or apex of the lateral appendages, which are pale yellow. The dorsum has a white diamond shaped spot that runs from the behind of the rhinophores to the tail (just behind the branchial leaves)." and "Two types of appendages are observed. The first type of appendages are longer and wider and are positioned at the margin of the sides of the animal. These appendages have apical ramifications that are rounded at the base with a long, thin and sharp prolongation. Small acute ramifications cover the remaining parts of the appendage. The second type of appendage is thin, long with many small sharp, thin and long simple ramifications. These appendages are present on the entire body, sides, foot, and dorsum. The oral veil has four appendages, two of which are longer, situated at the lateral edges of the oral veil and two that are shorter situated in the center. The rhinophores have a lamellate clavus and a peduncule with acute ramifications."
Kaloplocamus maru is externally very similar to Kaloplocamus peludo , but has many fewer tubercles with thin and long ramifications all over the body. Anatomical differences (radula and prostate) clearly separate them.
VallÚs, Yvonne & Gosliner, Terrence. 2006. Shedding Light onto the Genera (Mollusca: Nudibranchia) Kaloplocamus and Plocamopherus with Description of New Species Belonging to These Unique Bioluminescent Dorids. The Veliger 48(3):178-205.
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