Kalinga ornata  Alder & Hancock, 1864

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Kalinga ornata is a large (IPN writes "size: Length 130 mm", this specimen ~25 cm!), flattened species with a tuberculate notum. It has a translucent white body with bright red areas. The larger lateral tubercles are red, flecked with white and there are elongate tubercles at the front of the head that are used as feelers.
Kalinga ornata is a sand dweller that has been photographed from HURL submersibles at Hawaii to depths of 182 m. It can inflate its body and drift with the current. (Sea Slug Forum). Also, Michael D. Miller's Slug Site mentions that Rie Nakano and her collaborators have recorded it feeding on brittle stars in Tokyo Bay.
This shot shows a specimen feeding on brittle stars, this shot shows two specimens mating, this shot shows a specimen laying eggs.
More information on Kalinga ornata are on Michael D. Miller's Slug Site!
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