Jorunna sp. 06  Genus: Bergh, 1876

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This whitish specimen is most likely a species of the genus Jorunna, I label it for now Jorunna sp. 06, to distinguish it from other undescribed species of the genus Jorunna  Bergh, 1876.
Jorunna sp. 06 is whitish with small greyish ornaments. Geoff Avern writes at facebook:"I'm guessing Jorunna ramicola. Any other suggestions?"
According to IPN is J. ramicola "light gray with darker gray spots surrounded by a lighter gray ring. Opaque white tips to the caryophyllidia are found around the edge of the rhinophoral sheaths, the gill cavity and along the edge of the mantle." The pictures of J. ramicola from Gold Coast Seaway, Queensland, Australia and from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia look different.
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