Glossodoris cf. hikuerensis (Pruvot-Fol, 1954) [Rosodoris]

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Glossodoris cf. hikuerensis is characterized by a reticulate pattern of brown covering all but the outer part of the mantle skirt. Outside the reticulate region is a broad greyish band, mottled with white. The rhinophore clubs are brown/tan, the gills are translucent tan with some whitish spots. The margin of the foot has a has a bluish appearance, especially at the posterior end of the foot, the "tail'.
The same species from the same location (Anilao, Philippines) is at NUDIPIXEL, identified as Glossodoris pullata  Rudman, 1995 with the identification verified by Dr. Richard C. Willan, and there are more pictures of this species as Ardeadoris pullata (Rudman, 1995) from the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
I disagree with these identifications, because of the description and the picture of Glossodoris pullata  Rudman, 1995 at Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum:
"The background colour of the mantle is translucent white. There is a reticulate pattern of brown covering all but the outer part of the mantle skirt. The reticulate pattern is very irregular and could be described as brown with a dense mottling of irregularly sized white patches, many slightly raised. Outside the reticulate region is a broad band of opaque white which merges with a narrow blackish band at the mantle edge. The rhinophore pockets and the gill pocket are edged in black. The rhinophore stalk is opaque white and the club is black, except for a translucent white tip. The gills are translucent white with some opaque white mottling, and the edges are lined with dark brownish-black."
There are 2 pictures of a damaged individual of Ardeadoris pullata from Lizard Island, Australia online, showing a broad black marginal band and a broad white submarginal band to the mantle and also to the foot. The base of the rhinophore pocket is edged in black (one rhinophore lacking).
Glossodoris cf. hikuerensis differs
from Ardeadoris pullata by the marginal bands, by the tan rhinophore clubs, by the gills, and lacks the black lines at the rhinophore and gill pockets, it differs
from Glossodoris hikuerensis also by the marginal bands, the Philippine specimens of G. hikuerensis have a pale tan marginal band, and a greyish submarginal band.
The specimens #2 and #3 were originally posted at these websites as Glossodoris hikuerensis, because I thought the marginal bands are merged. Now that I have seen pictures from different locations am I sure that this is a distinct species.
Pretty similar are:
Glossodoris cincta which has bluish outer band on the mantle margin and an inner dull khaki band
Glossodoris hikuerensis in which the outer band is pale tan, and the submarginal band greyish.
Rudman, W.B., 2005 (February 15) Glossodoris pullata Rudman, 1995. [In] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney.
Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/glospull
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