Glossodoris acosti  Matsuda & Gosliner, 2018

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Glossodoris acosti is similar in colour and shape to Glossodoris hikuerensis which differs by wider bands at the mantle margin, which have different colours (pale tan and grey), and to Glossodoris cf. hikuerensis, which differs by a broad greyish marginal band, mottled with white.
This species was posted on 12 June 2003 at these websites as Glossodoris cincta (Bergh, 1888) [Casella], Matsuda & Gosliner, (2018) discovered that Glossodoris cincta is a species complex and described Glossodoris acosti  Matsuda & Gosliner, 2018, with the holotype from PNG and a paratype from the Philippines. It is characterized by three marginal bands running along the outer edge of the mantle and foot, the outermost light blue, followed by dark green and then a lighter yellow-green.
The real Glossodoris cincta (Bergh, 1888) seems to be a Southwestern Indian Ocean species, with the type locality Mauritius, which looks similar to the specimen taken by Philibert Bidgrain at Reunion Island.
I changed it on 7 January 2020 into Glossodoris acosti  Matsuda & Gosliner, 2018.
Matsuda S.B. & Gosliner T.M. (2018). Glossing over cryptic species: Descriptions of four new species of Glossodoris and three new species of Doriprismatica (Nudibranchia: Chromodorididae).
Zootaxa. 4444(5): 501-529., available online at https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4444.5.1
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