Doris immonda (Risbec, 1928) [Platydoris]

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The background colour of Doris immonda is highly variable, distinctive is the hour-glass like patch between the gills and the rhinophores. Brodie & Willan (1993) report that Australian specimens (as S. nucleola) show quite a bit of variation in the mantle colour, including khaki, orange, dirty yellow, and blue-black mantles. Baba (1993) reports that the Japanese specimens were also variable in colour (yellow, green, and dark green).
This specimen was thought to be a combination of the orange and the blue/green colour forms.
This specimen was posted on 19 April 2017 as Doridoidea sp. 04 Superfamily: Rafinesque, 1815 with the comment: "It might be a juvenile orange colour form of Doris immonda." It was identified by Dr. Richard C. Willan, thanks!
This species was placed by many authors in the genus Siraius  Er. Marcus, 1955, which Valdés (2002) synonymized with Doris  Linnaeus, 1758.
Doris immonda is at many websites and uw-guides under the names:
Doris nucleola Pease, 1860 or Siraius nucleola (Pease, 1860), let quote Robert F. Bolland: "I've decided that Bill Rudman's message on the Sea Slug Forum (Rudman, 2000) concerning S. immonda provides a credible reason to change the name S. nucleola to that of S. immonda."
There are at the internet pictures of the orange variant from Japan, from Australia, from the Red Sea, and from the Pacific Coast of Mexico , of the green variant from from Australia, and of the blue variant (as S. nucleola) from Hawaii.
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Available from: http://www.seaslugforum.net/showall/siraimmo
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More information on Doris immonda as Siraius immonda are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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