Doridoidea sp. 05  Superfamily: Rafinesque, 1815

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Doridoidea sp. 05 is an unidentified dorid, I can't even try an educated guess on the family!
It was posted on 16 May 2013 at these websites as Doris immonda (Risbec, 1928) [Platydoris] because I thought it might be a combination of the orange and the blue/green colour forms. It is characterized by its yellowish/green and dark blue colours merging into each other and by violet rhinophore clubs.
Dr. Richard C. Willan writes on the above picture (pers. comment):"...it shows a dead (or at least highly moribund) individual. All the external features to identify it are gone so it is completely unidentifiable."
I keep it as Doridoidea sp. 05  Superfamily: Rafinesque, 1815, until I know more...
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Köhler, E. (2020), published 18 May 2020, Doridoidea sp. 05  Superfamily: Rafinesque, 1815
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