Discodorididae sp. 12  Family: Bergh, 1891

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Discodorididae sp. 12 is characterized by its thin translucent tan mantle, covered with rounded yellowish tubercles, the larger tubercles are in white spots, there are also some diffuse dark spots on the mantle. The mantle margin is ruffled The gills and the rhinophores are translucent tan.
It looks at first glance like a flatworm, because of the very thin mantle!
I am not sure on the generic placement, that is why I use the family and call it Discodorididae sp. 11.
This species is most likely as Discodorid sp. 3 in IPN at page 176.
Gosliner, Terrence M., David W. Behrens & Ángel Valdés. 2008. Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs.
Sea Challengers Natural History Books. Gig Harbor, Washington. 426pp.
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