Dendrodoris albopurpura  Burn, 1957

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Dendrodoris albopurpura is characterized by an elongate mottled greyish-brownish body with a distinctive pattern of whitish conical pustules each tipped with a brown or purple spot and whitish encircled. The gills are translucent greyish and at the extreme posterior end of the body. The rhinophores are also translucent greyish.
Very similar are:
Dendrodoris elongata which lacks the whitish encircled pustules and differs by its whitish stellate markings,
Dendrodoris albobrunnea which lacks the whitish encircled pustules, many pictures of it at the internet are misidentified, showing Dendrodoris elongata, and
Dendrodoris sp. in IPN at page 279, which differs by a fine network of grey pigment, and by the rhinophores wich have subapical black pigment
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