Chromodoris quagga  Bonomo & Gosliner 2020

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Chromodoris quagga has been recently described, published on 24 July 2020, it is as Chromodoris burni in IPN, page 208 and
also in Gosliner et al. (2015) page 212, let me quote the latter description: "light brown with numerous black lines and white, light blue patches; marginal band orange; gill and rhinophores orange.
Bonomo & Gosliner (2020):"Living animals are moderately large, with a length around 35 mm. Body is light brown in color with long black stripes across the mantle. The marginal band is a bright yellow that surrounds the entire mantle and there are black spots between the marginal band and the stripes on the mantle. Twenty unipinnate gill branches are translucent white in color with bright orange on the rachis of the gill branches. The perfoliate rhinophores are orange with an opaque white band around the bottom and have 16 distinct lamellae. "
This species had been misidentified and was posted on 4 April 2012 at these websites as Chromodoris burni  Rudman, 1982,
which seems to be endemic to Australia and differs by the radula.
I changed it on 4 August 2020 into Chromodoris quagga  Bonomo & Gosliner 2020.
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available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Doridina/Chromodoris_quagga.htm


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