Chromodoris dianae  Gosliner & Behrens, 1998

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There are 2 colour forms of Chromodoris dianae: the first variant has white gills with an orange upper half and a white margin of the mantle, the second variant has white gills with an orange edge and some diffuse orange patches at the white mantle margin parts. There are no internal differences.
I've seen the second variant only two times at Cabilao and at Moalboal, Cebu, the first variant is pretty common.
Layton et al. (2018) show that these morphotypes correspond to different taxa, they call it Chromodoris cf. dianae  Gosliner & Behrens, 1998. "For instance, Gosliner and Behrens (1998) noted variation in the orange colouration on the gills and orange markings along the margin in C. dianae. Most notably, only the gill tips appear orange in C. dianae, while C. cf. dianae has orange colouration along the outside of the whole gill and has orange spots along the margin."
I changed the second colour form on 21 July 2019 into Chromodoris sp. 07  Genus: Alder & Hancock, 1855.
Gosliner, T. M.; Behrens, D. W. (1998). Five new species of Chromodoris (Molluscs: Nudibranchia: Chromodorididae) from the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean.
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. 4(50): 139 - 165, available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/15659747
Layton, K. S.; Gosliner, T. M.; Wilson, N. G. (2018). Flexible colour patterns obscure identification and mimicry in Indo-Pacific Chromodoris nudibranchs (Gastropoda: Chromodorididae).
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 124: 27 - 36, available online at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ympev.2018.02.008
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