Chromodorididae sp. 05  Family: Bergh, 1891

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This is an unidentified or undescribed species of the family Chromodorididae  Bergh, 1891,
I am not sure on the generic placement, that is why I use the family and call it Chromodorididae sp. 05  Family: Bergh, 1891.
This species is characterized by its translucent whitish background colour, with an orange marginal band, faint on the posterior end, and by white gills with an orange upper half and white rhinophores with orange apices.
The above 3 - 4 mm specimen is most likely a juvenile, possibly of Thorunna furtiva  Bergh, 1878,
pretty similar is also Diversidoris sp. 01  Genus: Rudman, 1987 , which differs by orange-red rhinophore clubs.
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Köhler, E. (2018), published 4 March 2018, Chromodorididae sp. 05  Family: Bergh, 1891
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Doridina/Chromodorididae_sp_05.htm


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