Asteronotus mimeticus  Gosliner & Valdés, 2002

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Asteronotus mimeticus is a very cryptic dorid. The oval body ranges in colour from brown to yellowish to grey, the mantle can be smooth, with tubercles or with papillae, sometimes there can be some white spots on the mantle. The rhinophores and gills are difficult to see. This species is mainly recognisable from the sponge it is living and feeding on: Carteriospongia and Phyllospongia lamellosa. You have to look for the animals on the underside of these sponges.
Very similar is Asteronotus spongicolus which has an elongated body with a median pale line on the mantle.
This specimen has most probably white parasite eggs in the gill pocket, the rhinophores are bottom left and have a slightly golden sheen to them.
The specimen #10 was identified by Terrence M. Gosliner at iNATURALIST.
More information on Asteronotus mimeticus are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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