Aegires villosus  Farran, 1905

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Aegires villosus is characterized by its purple tipped papillae, the major body colour varies from translucent whitish-pink to purple. The body has darker purple and orange spatches. Let me quote IPN: "This species exhibits considerable variation in color pattern". The rhinophores are either completely maroon or white with an orange band and maroon tips. The species of the genus Aegires feed on calcareous sponges. Length up to 2 cm
Pretty similar is Aegires sp. 04 which has globular black tips of its tubercles - I am not convinced that they are distinct, but I will keep them seperate until the dust settles.
The first two pictures of Aegires sp. 04 were originally posted at these websites as Aegires villosus.
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More information on Aegires villosus are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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