Aegires exeches  Fahey & Gosliner, 2004

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Aegires exeches is characterized by a pale tan to white background colour, and by numerous, compound tubercles which have in the tan specimens black tips. The tan specimens have blue spots on the dorsum. Let me quote Fahey & Gosliner (2004): "EXTERNAL MORPHOLOGY. The body shape is elongate and the posterior end of the foot ends in a point. There are numerous compound tubercles projecting from the dorsum, such that the body appears to be composed completely of tubercles. The tubercles are elongate and narrow slightly before mushrooming into a flattened plate-like top. From the flattened tops, multiple spicules protrude. The rhinophore pockets are very long and are composed of two main tubercles on the anterior side, two shorter tubercles on the posterior side and much smaller tubercles in between. The rhinophores are smooth and have bifid apices. The gill protective appendages are also composed of elaborate tubercles. The gill leaves themselves are small, inconspicuous and tripinnate. The background color ranges from white to tannishwhite. The tops of the tubercles on the tan specimens have dark spots. The specimen from Enewetak, Marshall Islands is completely white. It has three evenly spaced, pale tan rings around the rhinophores. The tan specimens have three to four blue spots on the dorsum. These spots are arranged symmetrically, with two just posterior to the rhinophores, one at the centerline in front of the gill and the fourth at centerline just posterior to the gill."
There are only a few pictures of this species online, from Japan at the Okinawa Slug Site, from Portland - Cape Bridgewater, Australia, from the Marshall Islands, from Alor, Indonesia, and from Tahiti.
Fahey S.J. & Gosliner T.M. 2004. A phylogenetic analysis of the Aegiridae Fischer, 1883 (Mollusca, Nudibranchia, Phanerobranchia) with descriptions of eight new species and a reassessment of Phanerobranch relationships.
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, (4) 55(34): 613-689, 82 figs., 4 tables (Appendix).
More information on Aegires exeches are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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