Tritonia sp. 05  Genus: Cuvier, 1798

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This Tritoniid is most likely a species of Tritonia  Cuvier, 1798, I label it Tritonia sp. 05  Genus: Cuvier, 1798.
IPN writes on Tritoniids "The two largest groups are Tritonia and Marionia, differentiated by internal characters."
Tritonia sp. 05 is characterized by its translucent whitish/gray background colour with irregular thin opaque white lines. The secondary gills are brownish, the velar tentacles are not visible on the above picture. The above picture was as Marionia sp. 14 at Mike Miller's Slug Site, "The Opisthobranch of the week".
Dave Behrens writes "this species looks like our Marionia sp. 14 (page 327 in NSSI)".
I disagree, the latter species is at these websites as Marionia sp. 22  Genus: Vayssière, 1877.
Very similar is:
Marionia sp. 22  Genus: Vayssière, 1877, which differs by alternating thin opaque white and brownish/tan transverse lines.
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