Samla macassarana (Bergh, 1905) [Flabellina]

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Samla macassarana is characterized by its white body and cerata in some specimens pinkish white or purplish white. The white rhinophores are perfoliate with a diffuse orange tip. The cerata also have diffuse orange tips. The long oral tentacles are bluish-white. The specimen of the picure #1 had a total length of 5 cm, IPN writes: Size: Length 30 mm, in Poppe (2010) is a picture of a 80 mm specimen from Anilao.
Pretty similar is Samla bicolor which is a smaller species and differs by an orange subapical ring on the cerata and by the long oral tentacles with flattened, paddle-shaped tips.
This species was posted on 17 July 2011 at these websites as Flabellina macassarana  Bergh, 1905,
Korshunova et al. (2017) reinstated the genus Samla  Bergh, 1900 within the new family
Samlidae  Korshunova, Martynov, Bakken, Evertsen, Fletcher, Mudianta, Saito, Lundin, Schrödl & Picton, 2017,
and moved Flabellina macassarana  Bergh, 1905 into the genus Samla  Bergh, 1900.
I changed it on 7 December 2017 into Samla macassarana (Bergh, 1905) [Flabellina].
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ZooKeys. 717: 1-139., available online at https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.717.21885
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