Sakuraeolis nungunoides  Rudman, 1980

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Sakuraeolis nungunoides is characterized by a translucent white body with tinges of the orange viscera showing through. There is a distinctive orange triangle on the head from the rhinophores to the oral tentacles. The basal third of the long tapering rhinophores is translucent, the middle third is white, and the upper third orange. The oral tentales are of similar shape and colour. The anterior edge of the foot and all of the tentacular foot corners are orange, and so is the posterior tip of the foot. The cerata are transparent, or slightly translucent sometimes with a dusting of white. Near the tip is a broad orange band, the tip itself is white. The thin digestive gland duct is clearly visible and ranges in colour from light greenish brown to a dark chocolate brown. The cerata are usually extremely long, and often held upright.
The distinctive orange triangle on the head is in some of the above specimens only a diffuse orange band, I am not sure on their identification, they are most probably Facelinidae sp. 08 Family: Bergh, 1889.
Sakuraeolis nungunoides feeds on hydroids.
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