Phyllodesmium rudmani  Burghardt & Gosliner, 2006

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Phyllodesmium rudmani is a remarkable mimic of the Xenia colonies on which it feeds.
The body and smooth rhinophores are a translucent white with some white dusting especially near the tips of the rhinophores and oral tentacles. The cerata have a cylindrical trunk which widens out at the tip to form a swollen region with longitudinal ridges and deep grooves. Each ceras mimics the shape of a Xenia polyp with retracted tentacles. The ceratal trunk is translucent white except at the swollen tip where the ridges are white and the grooves are green or brown, apparently depending on the colour of the Xenia being eaten. No branches of the digestive gland are found in the body wall or in the trunk region of the cerata. A single digestive gland duct runs up the centre of the trunk region, only branching when it reaches the swollen tip.
Like other members of the genus Phyllodesmium it is what Bill Rudman calls "Solar-powered Sea Slugs".
More information on Phyllodesmium rudmani are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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