Phyllodesmium opalescens  Rudman, 1991

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Phyllodesmium opalescens is characterized by a series of white marks down the midline. The cerata, rhinophores and oral tentacles are all capped with white or cream yellow, followed by a bluish region near the end. The orange digestive gland duct within the cerata is unbranched.
Pretty similar are:
Phyllodesmium cf. opalescens which lacks the series of white marks down the midline.
Phyllodesmium undulatum which differs by a white median line, and by highly undulate digestive gland ducts,
Phyllodesmium acanthorhinum which lacks the white median marks, but has a network of white lines on the head and white specks on the notum, distinctive are the papillate rhinophores.
Many other species of the genus Phyllodesmium are what Bill Rudman calls "Solar-powered Sea Slugs", but Phyllodesmium opalescens is none of them.
More information on Phyllodesmium opalescens are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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