Phyllodesmium magnum  Rudman, 1991

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Phyllodesmium magnum is one of the larger species of Phyllodesmium, growing up to 130 mm length. It is characterized by its flattened, curved translucent cerata which have often a bluish tinge and yellowish apices.
It rapidly drops off many of its cerata when disturbed (autotomise). Like other members of the genus Phyllodesmium it is what Bill Rudman calls "Solar-powered Sea Slugs".
Pretty similar is:
Phyllodesmium parangatum which is a smaller species, up to 20 mm, and has more cylindrical cerata with white apices. It differs by its milky-white body colour, by the position of the anal papilla, and by the short rhinophores, and the long translucent white oral tentacles. Let me quote IPN: "There are also major internal differences in the form of the radula and jaws."
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