Phyllodesmium jakobsenae  Burghardt & Wägele, 2004

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Phyllodesmium jakobsenae is characterized by its flattened, slightly coiled cerata with brownish pigment along the edges, near the tip.
Pretty similar are at least 2 " Xenia Mimics":
Phyllodesmium sp. 04 which has rounded, bulbous cerata with several longitudinal lines of brown pigmentation, looking identical to the closed polyp of Xenia and
Phyllodesmium sp. 08 at MEDSLUGS on which Ingo Burghardt writes "the brownish pigments on the cerata are arranged different, the cerata are thin and also arranged different from Phyllodesmium jakobsenae."
It is l other species of the genus Phyllodesmium what Bill Rudman calls "Solar-powered Sea Slugs".
More information on Phyllodesmium jakobsenae are on Michael D. Miller's Slug Site!
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Köhler, E. (2019), published 15 December 2019, Phyllodesmium jakobsenae  Burghardt & Wägele, 2004
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Cladobranchia/Phyllodesmium_jakobsenae.htm


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