Phestilla lugubris (Bergh, 1870) [Cratena]

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Phestilla lugubris has a broad body with a wide head. The cerata are nodulose, translucent tan, with many swellings, the apex is opaque white.
Phestilla lugubris is almost always found associated with the coral Porites on which it feeds. It grows up to 40 mm length. It is able to autotomise (break off) their cerata when disturbed or roughly handled.
This species was posted on 7 February 2011 at these websites as Phestilla lugubris (Bergh, 1870) [Cratena],
Cella et al. (2016) moved it into the genus Tenellia  A. Costa, 1866 within the family Fionidae  J.E. Gray, 1857,
Korshunova et al. (2017) reinstated the genus Phestilla  Bergh, 1874 and reinstated the familiy Trinchesiidae  F. Nordsieck, 1972 with the inclusion of the genera Catriona, Diaphoreolis, Phestilla, Tenellia, and Trinchesia.
I changed it back into Phestilla lugubris (Bergh, 1870) [Cratena] on 10 October 2017.
Kristen Cella, Leila Carmona, Irina Ekimova, Anton Chichvarkhin, Dimitry Schepetov & Terrence M. Gosliner (2016)
A Radical Solution: The Phylogeny of the Nudibranch Family Fionidae.
PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167800. doi:10.137 1/journal .pone.0167800
The above publication is completely online, open access, CC-license
Korshunova, T.; Martynov, A.; Picton, B. (2017). Ontogeny as an important part of integrative taxonomy in tergipedid aeolidaceans (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia) with a description of a new genus and species from the Barents Sea.
Zootaxa. 4324(1): 1., available online at https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4324.1.1
More information on Phestilla lugubris are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Cladobranchia/Phestilla_lugubris.htm


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