Moridilla sp. 01  Genus: Bergh, 1888

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Moridilla sp. 01 is characterized by a translucent whitish body and opaque white pigment on the head, oral tentacles, and on the 'tail', and by clusters of a few mottled translucent orange and whitish cerata. The longest cerata nearest the dorsal midline are coiled like a watch spring. The lower half of the rhinophores is translucent, the apices are orange, there is a subapical whitish band. The oral tentacles are basally translucent whitish, then opaque white, the tips are translucent orange.
When disturbed species of Moridilla unroll the large rolled cerata and thrash them around for defense.
The specimen #1 was identified by Dr. Richard C. Willan, thanks!
Another aeolid with similar behaviour is Phidiana salaamica, which might be better placed in the genus Moridilla  Bergh, 1888.
Pretty similar is Moridilla brockii  Bergh, 1888 which lacks the white mottling on the cerata, and differs by a completely orange-red rhinophoral clavus.
The specimens #2 and #3 were posted before as M. brockii at these websites.
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