Moridilla brockii  Bergh, 1888

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Moridilla brockii is characterized by a translucent orange foot and clusters of orange cerata. There is a central row of large rolled cerata, which are in some specimen translucent at the base, then white, and then orange. The rhinophores are orange, translucent at the base. The oral tentacles are translucent orange, then translucent white in the last third, then orange again. In some specimen there is a broad white band at the dorsal midline between the ceratal clusters, going from the orange tip of the tail to the rhinophores, then to the upper half of the oral tentacles.
When disturbed Moridilla brockii unrolls the large rolled cerata and points them at the source of the disturbance.
Another aeolid with similar behaviour is Phidiana salaamica.
Pretty similar is Moridilla sp. 01  Genus: Bergh, 1888 which diffes by white mottling on the cerata, and by a subapical whitish ring on the rhinophores.
More information on Moridilla brockii are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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