Melibe sp. 02  Genus: Rang, 1829

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Melibe sp. 02 is translucent with yellowish-tan patches on body and cerata. There is a 'large' white spot between the first pair of cerata. Its reported total length is up to 1 cm. There are minute black spots on the papillate cerata.
Gordon Tillen found the picture of this specimen in his extra file of 3000+ nudi pics, he writes: "it is on the end of a BBQ stick so it was probably no more than 4mm".
This species is Melibe sp. 1 in IPN, page 330
Let me quote the description: "Relatively translucent with a golden brown color. Cerata more or less cylindrical with numerous papillae extending from the cerata and body."
Gosliner, Terrence M., David W. Behrens & Ángel Valdés. 2008. Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs.
Sea Challengers Natural History Books. Gig Harbor, Washington. 426pp.
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