Madrella ferruginosa  Alder & Hancock, 1864

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Madrella ferruginosa is characterized by a darker orange or red-brown colour and white pigment between the distinctive 'Madrella' rhinophores, and on the stalks of the rhinophores, let me quote IPN:"Rhinophores brownish with a swollen area containing numerous papillae and a narrow, long extension." It grows up to 45 mm length.
Pretty similar is Madrella sanguinea (Angas, 1864) [Janus] which seems to be endemic to South East Australia, though there are some records from Japan, and differs by a bright orange colour and is usually smaller, it seldom grows longer than 15 mm. Both species exude a yellow, possibly defensive secretion from a gland at the base of each ceras.
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